wings+horns SS19 campaign

The wings+horns Spring/Summer 2019 collection INVERSION channels the season’s naturally occurring contradictions and divergent, unfamiliar weather patterns.

wings+horns x Timberland

For this collaboration we took inspiration from the Japanese traditional method of “yakisugi” which translates to burnt timber. We used this technique to create a modern black texture for the backdrop of our co branded products to give it a modern cabin feel.

wings+horns x Nicolas Sassoon - Storm 36

Sassoon’s Storm 36 is a reflection of his experience in Vancouver. A decade of heavy winter weather and the outside world, as he observed it, through a single window in his studio—the rain creating patterns on a pane of glass, fixed in a loop, over and over. The collaboration features a freeze-frame of the digital animation. Storm 36, our natural world and the technology within it, to be observed in a newly altered state; a single moment in time.